Why Short Form Consultants?


Short Form Consultants know the demands of running a business are immense and continue to put pressure on time and energy for business owners and directors. This is no better illustrated than the requirements in completing lending proposal forms and presenting to funding providers particularly where more complex solutions are required.


Short Form Consultants are able to help you navigate the requirements of your existing lender and with a very close working relationship with a National Association of Commercial Financial Brokers (NACFB) to support clients to package and present to alternative funding providers.

Nigel Whitfield Commercial Finance Consultant

Nigel Whitfield is a highly experienced commercial banker with over 30 years combined experience. With much of this gained during the period following the financial crisis he has an in depth knowledge and understanding of the current climate and the demands this puts on business.

During the next decade the lending landscape of the United Kingdom will change dramatically in line with global trends. Commercial banks will not be the only source for capital as many alternative, non banking lenders are now emerging as significant investors for business.

Inspired by countless conversations with many business owners and entrepreneurs, Nigel launched Short Form Consultants in 2016 to be part of the solution to a problem that is plaguing millions of business owners looking to grow. Access to working capital.

Short Form Consultants specialize in advice and guidance for a variety of commercial finance options including. Commercial mortgages, Asset Finance, Invoice Finance and Invoice Factoring.

We have helped a broad clientele secure their funding requirements. They can be those looking for a commercial property mortgage or a property development loan through to clients looking for a working capital solution with invoice finance or invoice factoring.

Short Form Consultants

 It’s no secret that businesses need money to make money, but 4 out of 5 applications by business owners will be denied for a business loan. Or the terms they achieve will be less than favorable. Short Form provide a bespoke approach to commercial finance allowing you to focus on the actual running of your business while we review your options and assist you in a complete and ‘lender friendly’ proposal.

Our goal is honesty and integrity. We want to make lenders compete for your business, not the other way around.