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Financial Services

At Short Form Consultants, we believe that small and medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy.

They create most new job opportunities and overall account for the highest portion of GDP.

Despite this it’s quite something that the odds are continually stacked against them from a lending and Financial services point of view.

In fact, we hear this time and time again. The number one problem facing business looking to grow and succeed. Access to Working Capital.

Take a traditional business loan for example. Most applications will be declined by the bank.

The figure is around 80%. This is in part due to the banks becoming extremely risk adverse in recent times. Pair this with the complexities that come with running businesses of all sizes and you have a very reluctant commercial finance market.

The result is that a whole industry of alternative lenders has surfaced to meet this demand.

In our experience, we see that Financial services remains an industry that can be confusing and difficult for many entrepreneurs.  Unfamiliar credit products and jargon confuse an already confused market place.

We also see patterns in both successful and unsuccessful outcomes. Common themes that make the difference between clients obtaining their desired funding on their terms, and those in the 80%.

We embrace the growth of alternative lenders but recognise that the mainstream lenders still account for the vast majority of capital invested in UK business.

Nigel founded Short Form Consultants to be a part of the solution to this problem.

Many applications will be rejected on the basis that they are just not ‘lender friendly’ and do not satisfy the demands that commercial lenders require in a proposal.

This is often due to the commitment of time and energy that is required of business owners and entrepreneurs to prepare a proposal. Often they will have complicated funding needs which require even more vigilance and effort to achieve.

Nigel and his team has experience and extensive knowledge in the following areas and work with clients to obtain funding requirements from their existing lender or via a close working relationship with a NACFB broker.

We offer Financial services advice and guidance on –

Commercial Banking and Advisory

Business Line of Credit

Working Capital Solutions

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Real Estate (Investment & Development)

Invoice Finance

Invoice Factoring

Asset Finance

Asset Based Proposals

ShortForm Business Consultants Ltd (Company Number 10428423) provide consultancy services on behalf of Empire Commercial Finance Ltd (Company Number 08798534). We are not a Broker or Lender.