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As the lending landscape of the United Kingdom continues to change, Short Form Consultants can help you secure your funding requirements and grow your business.

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Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring | Is it the best way for my business to leverage money? May 31,2017

Invoice Factoring is usually the first option considered by businesses looking to leverage future payments…

commercial property mortgage

Commercial Property Mortgage Versus Buy-To-Let May 24,2017

Many have seen their profits squeezed or completely wiped out from the introduction of the…

Buy to Let tax changes

Buy to Let tax changes could be sidestepped by Commercial Mortgages. March 13,2017

The number of Landlords looking at Commercial Loans as a means to fund purchases has…

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  • Great Experience and result. Being someone who has had to deal with brokers and lenders in the past I know how challenging the process can be. Especially in recent times. Nigel's knowledge is second to none. It really made the difference having him on our side. Highly recommended. Alex, Valdamark Ltd